Sunday 6 November 2016

Victor Ngozwana

Africa is rich with young talents; Victor Ngozwana 23 years of age is an upcoming writer and business man.

Victor is a published photographic model and actor making appearances only.
 A fun person who enjoys the company of people with the same mind set as his.
All the way from UMzimkhulu KZN, he moved to Johannesburg to pursue his career in media and while at it he took the liberty to study journalism.

He has taken his studies further as now Victor is currently studying human resources which will equip him to be successful in the business sector.
Acting sure does run in this young man’s blood as he is now working on making appearances on scandal.

Multi-talented individual who is also into fashion and modelling, having done a photo shoot for Webbers men's clothing wear, he is stopping at nothing.
His busy schedule is no obstacle as he takes his hand into film writing.
A short film named “The will” that he is working on will find its way to the big screens and it will see many youths having their acting talents explored. This is what we need Victor, giving back to the community.
Victor says “It's a young film production and in the future I want to be a best award winning director”.

So motivated with a strong drive, keep it up .We are watching the big screens for your upcoming film.

To succeed you have to believe in what you do with so much passion that it becomes a reality.
Aybp is by your side, Africa salutes you.

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Saturday 5 November 2016

Liberty Kudakwashe Chakavarika

Liberty Kudakwashe Chakavarika is a budding entrepreneur aged 22 born in the city of Harare and raised in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.
This upcoming flame has particular interest in fashion designing.
Something that came about when he was in the 5th grade after he stumbled upon a show on television by Valentino where the designer was showcasing his dresses on the runway in Milan
After this experience he never looked  back and saw light that led him to establish a street wear brand.

As the co-founder of urban kings clothing supply which is a street wear brand that has an assortment of products ranging from caps to t-shirts and backpacks,this individual has been working around the clock to make it work.
Liberty says "starting this has never been really easy, i have failed many times that i grew to accept it as part of the growth process,the need to start my own company was born from my strong need to eradicate the dependency syndrome that has trickled down its way into most youths lifes."
He found a good business partner in his close friend who apparently shares the same vision.
These two young man realized their artistic nature and need a platform to expose to the world and inspire others in the process.

Everything from sewing to graphic designing has been self taught.If you really put your mind to anything you can always achieve greatness.
Liberty is a goal getter and has hope and vision to see his company grow to a point where vast job opportunities for the youth will be created.
He is concerned because most graduates are unemployed due to the poor economical climate and it has become a daunting task for them to get decent jobs.
He says for one to be successful one has to change the way they think because as James Allen said "as a man thinketh so he shall become."

An avid reader of self help and development books he gathers information from these books and this has helped him overcome his known fear of public speaking.
His Entrepreneur skills were however chiseled the time he worked for Khanya Development Trust which is an organisation that focuses on teaching people about entrepreneurship and therefor equipping youth with business management skills.

Instagram- @arika_mani
Facebook- liberty kupid chakavarika,
Linkedin-Liberty Chakavarika

We must never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world.
Aybp is watching you Liberty.
Africa salutes you for making a change.Indeed we need a change.
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Thursday 3 November 2016

Raymond Munyaradzi Makurumidze

Raymond is a young man aged 29 and he is currently based in Qatar.
This young man is from the sunshine city Harare,Zimbabwe.
An avid entrepreneur who has a keen interest in developing the nation of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.

Raymond has his heart set at helping the less fortunate through his charity organizing in Zimbabwe called Acts of Random Kindness Foundation ( ARK) which is an organization that looks to develop all underprivileged children,youth and adults in any form of art.
As the name states Acts of Random Kindness it means ARK is an organization that helps in any form of charity work and not limited to one act.
Everything that any human being does is a form of art and his organisation aims to develop it in a good way to enable everyone to be sustainable in life.

As an Entrepreneur he is the co-founder and International Regional Relations Director for a renewable Energy registered company called Narsol energy in Zimbabwe.
Narsol is a Green company which mainly focuses on using environmentally friendly and environmentally approved methods to get renewable energy that is not harmful to the natural environment ,ozone layer and the natural habitat where they will derive the energy from.
Education is a tool that one can use to make it in life, Raymond is studying for a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with the University of Roehampton.
This as he says will enable him to do even more in the business and management fields he is involved in.
He is aiming together with his co-founders and business partners to make not only  Zimbabwe but Africa as well a renewable energy and Green continent , to create jobs and empower people to develop themselves.

Skype :      raymondmunyamak
Facebook:Raymond Munya Mak

The challenge is on us youth,let us create our destiny.
Africa needs more people like you.
Aybp is driving on with you on your journey to success.
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Tuesday 1 November 2016

Tariro Tsitsi Chideya

Many people out there have dreams and some never get to bring their dreams to life for many reasons,it is plausible when one makes it work like what this lady has done and is doing for vulnerable children.

Tariro is a lady with a passion for children in need and is the founding director of Put A Smile On A Child.
Pasoc was established when Tariro saw the children in her community who were in need and who were prone to a negative future due to their socio-economic backgrounds.

Her strong belief that every child is able to be who they want to be was the determining factor that brought the establishment of her idea.

She has a vision of supporting underprivileged children so that they are given the opportunities to be somebody amongst others in future.

In August 2014 she began using social media to fund-raise for children she identified as needing support in various communities.

Pasoc became a registered Trust in January 2016.
Tariro works close with her Trust and she treats it like a growing baby,running it with unconditional love,she finds herself attending to all day to day tasks in Zimbabwe.
She holds a B(Tech) Honors in International Marketing which was obtained at The University of Technology in Chinhoyi.

Tariro has her Entrepreneur skills in action as she runs a small business in her town.

Nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it and dedication is the main ingredient.

Tariro AYBP cheers you all the way,as you make a difference in children's lives you are also making a change to Africa.The world needs people like you.
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Tuesday 25 October 2016

Michy Okafor

Michy Okafor popularly known as Michy has been found to be an innovative fashion personality and entrepreneur to grace the Nigeria Fashion & Pageant industry.
He has been able to set an unparalleled benchmark for other fashion brands in Nigeria,a role model for several fashion entrepreneurs who have been able to associate with him.
Michy Okafor is indeed a creative thinker when it comes to fashion business in Nigeria and international. Michy is what i call The King of Fashion,for he has exquisite taste i can tell you categorically that Michy is relentlessly working out things to make a lasting impact in the Nigerian fashion industry.
I know you will like to know what Michy Okafor is popularly known for in Nigeria. Lets go there. Michy Okafor is known for the production of four major pageants and award in Nigeria.
These includes
* Mr Fashion Nigeria Pageant
* Miss Fashion Nigeria Pageant
* Most Beautiful Teen in Nigeria
* Mr Teen Nigeria
* Nigeria Icons Fashion Award
Other business brand by Michy, includes...
* Michy Okafor Underwear
* I'm In Love Weddings Planner
Michy Okafor’s life and style will inspire you. Ride on and stay fashionable.
You might wonder how this young chap managed to start his career so early in life. Well,
Michy Okafor’s early age was not easy. As we all know how the economy is and how the industry operates.
The industry lays on who you know. No body wants to assist or work with an upcoming brand for free which makes it close to impossible to make it work.
According to Michy Okafor, he was able to solve the chicken and egg problem in his career by believing in God. The sincere truth is that God has been faithful to him.
Michy started his brand when he lost a contest in 2013. That was then Mr Teen Nigeria 2013.
As at that time, he represented plateau state and lost out. But today, the story is different as he is now the producer of Mr Teen Nigeria. After the contest in 2013, he made a decision to start up his own brand with the name ” House of Michy ” which is now known as Michy Conglomerate Intl Ltd, the organizers & owner of Mr & Miss fashion Nigeria pageant, Nigeria Icons Fashion Awards and Most Beautiful Teen in Nigeria pageant .
Michy has received over 15 Awards so far. Including the WEST AFRICA FASHION AWARDS as NEXT RATED FASHION ENTREPRENEUR, and DESTITUTE MISSION OF AFRICA AMBASSADORIAL AWARD. Isn’t that amazing? Well, that’s just the beginning.
Michy Okafor’s ambition still remains high. He aimed to be a worldwide trending fashion personality.
Now this is proof that if you are determined and focused you will definitely make it anywhere.
Never stop believing in your dreams,walk tall and strive for what you believe in.
Michy Okafor born to Inspire,AYBP is watching you all the way.Keep making a change in Africa.

                                                                                           This is Africa Rising

Sunday 23 October 2016

What is AYBP

African Youth Business Panel

AYBP is for advocacy and development and is part of youth serving initiatives.
Founded by a Patriotic Young African Entrepreneur Tyrone Havnar from Zimbabwe in 2016,

AYBP is an online platform working for the engagement and empowerment of young people who wish to serve and make Africa a great place for all.

This is a place where we will be sharing success stories of Africans around the globe,Political affairs affecting our communities/countries.

A place where established and upcoming entrepreneurs in any field can find exposure through sharing profiles across AYBP media platforms and in turn inspiring many more to go out there and reach for the stars.

AYBP is a universal platform where all are welcolme to utilise the network.

One way to get meaning in your life is to devote yourself to serving others, devote yourself to your community, and devote yourself to creating something that gives purpose and meaning in someones life and yours. 

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