Wednesday 3 January 2018

An eye for an eye makes the world blind

We have seen an increase in violence in our communities perpetrated by political parties,must i say supporters who have no ounce of reasoning.

What is becomimg of Africa;when you take off to alianate your own brother simply because of his choice of political interests,what disease is this that is prevailing so much someone's life,peace and freedom is not respected.

Africa is known for ubuntu,and we have been doing it well without any effort because its what makes us Africans.

I have to emphasize that an eye for an eye makes the world blind.
Africans need to build safe communities and usher words of wisdom to our children.

Can we continue hating one another because of a mixture of races,i have experienced this many times and its heartbreaking,racial vernom is a social dynamite and can only be a syndrome of death and destruction.

Habitable societies must be made,love is part of our dna.
Social redemption is needed desperately.

What is war,why does it happen?we have to put an end to war or else war will definatly put a rough end to humanity.
Are we set for destruction?

Why practice ignorance and buffonary?,reconcile as it is our duty to uphold our values as Africans/as Humans.
We work together in search for progress,liberty and peace.

How about we start thinking big and positive and bring a huge change,peace is what we all need.

Safeguard our continent and choose life not death.
Its time to unchain our hearts and build mama Africa.

Africa unite ✊

                                                   This is Africa rising

Tyrone Havnar