Sunday 26 November 2017


There is one thing that can never
seperate us,

We are Africans,regardless of your nation, tribe,religion,race or social class.

Our mother Africa gave us one favour,to live as brothers and sisters: Africanization.

It gives me a smile whenever i see young man and women doing something  for sustainability of Africa.

The day each young African will know that s/he wasnt born in Africa by chance but Africa herself was born in him/her therefore I can bet that it will be the beginning of civilization,continental shift in all spheres of life,economically, socially and Politically.

I have a sight,a dream for my Africa.

A day when young men and women will move from Burkina Faso to Mali,Senegal,Chad to Egypt,down to Somaliland through homeland Kenya,down to the land of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere,Tanzania,Zimbabwe to Namibia down to the great land of the late father of the world His Excellency Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and demonstrate social justice,the philosophy of peace,love,unity and good governance.
It will be dawn day for Africa's democracy, civilization, real independence.

I look forward to the day when Ghanians,Nigerians, Egyptians will be able to fly from their homeland to Kenya,Angola,Seychelles without a Visa.
Africa with common currency.

Africa's economy will show light of hope,affordable labor,one voice,one language,love,unity and that is the day Africa will claim one Nation.

I look forward to African nations that will be led by 30 year old's, 60% will be governed by Youth with one mind and one goal,to see Africa through.

Africa united as one,will be a place were fear is non existent.

Let's wake up and raise our voice rather than running away from these challenges only to be humiliated in the embassies of 3rd world countries.
We are a generation of say and do.

Let's fold our sleeves my brothers and sisters and with this the generation to come will be in peace and that's our victory and joy.

A new Africa where feuds and misunderstandings are solved and rectified peacefully.

                                                            This is Africa Rising

Endorsed by Evans Mutavi
Ajap kenya

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