Sunday 25 February 2018

Africans in The 21st century

You are black,but what does that mean?
Is it just the color that binds your seams
Are you bound to the history of the slaves?
Are you living the life that the ancestors
dreamed to save?

Rallies and fighting for
rights is turning into mollies and twerking,

What does it mean to be black in the 21st century?
To the average person,it might not mean a single thing?
In the days of old,the sun rose and fell on man's backs,

He worked to near death ,just because his color was black,
Now the sun rises before we rise from our beds,
Nothing within but ambition and less dreams in our heads,
The word Nigga used to be a word to explain ignorance,

Now it's used as just a word of endearment,
Wasup my nigga,howsit my nigga.

Our neighbors call us makwerekwere in the foreign lands,but however we are all blacks.
Afraid of lifting your own kind,because he might do better than you.
Are we bound for doom?
Can we not live in peace?

But again how far have we come to have fallen this much.

Seems we have lost sight of our ancestors scars,and what they fought for.
The slavery history that we share as blacks is long fogoten.
Are we not one afterall.

The most divided out of all human races,blacks.

What has Africa come to be?
I am scared to even hug my brother,
Crime against another,brother against brother,But Why?
Fatherless children being raised by their teenage mothers,

Children hurting and living on the streets,
You hear them cry
No care in the world
People dying

Getting high just to pass the day,
As we turn a blind eye
Can't form a sentence,no words to say,
No education,
Now what kind of black is that?
Is it in the history worn as our hats?

The blood of innocent citizens spilled,just because we kill each other over senseless issues, but why?
We have lost sight of who we are,
It is us who act vile,
Started from the bottom indeed we have but you are still there,
Reach for the change that is in the air,

We need to rise and reclaim our pride as blacks.
Our freedom
Our lives

And make them proud,those that came before us and died,
We are enslaved in our own home,but how?,we are,
Slaves to the money
Slave to the sex
Slave to the drugs
When it's really education and progress that we need,

We have to break free from the shackles that we bind ourselves to constantly.
Ignorance the recipe for disaster,

Let us show the world just what we can really do,
An entire legacy that we need to take back,
Let us show the new generation what it truly means to be black,

What it means to be African
Proud and patriotic­čç┐­čç╝

Tyrone Havnar