Thursday 10 May 2018

Be Wise

Your birth isn't recognized until government says you're born (Birth certificate )

You're not educated until Government certifies that you're (School Certificates)

You can't run a viable business without government's approval (Certificate of Incorporation)

Your marriage is not authentic until government acknowledges that you're married (Marriage Certificate)

You can't claim lawful ownership of land and property until the government confirms it belong to you (Title Deeds)

You're an offender driving your own car unless  the government grants you authority to do so (License and Registration)

You're a thief and criminal if you make money in your business and fail to give some percentage to government (Taxes)

You're not dead unless the government says you are dead (Death Certificate)

Government controls major aspects of your life, yet someone tells you not to be part of the process that determines those who get into government.,that person is wicked.

You better be wise and do the needful.

Time to take charge make decisions on who represents you in Government.

Be a part of the process. Be a part of your  Government.
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