Tuesday 1 November 2016

Tariro Tsitsi Chideya

Many people out there have dreams and some never get to bring their dreams to life for many reasons,it is plausible when one makes it work like what this lady has done and is doing for vulnerable children.

Tariro is a lady with a passion for children in need and is the founding director of Put A Smile On A Child.
Pasoc was established when Tariro saw the children in her community who were in need and who were prone to a negative future due to their socio-economic backgrounds.

Her strong belief that every child is able to be who they want to be was the determining factor that brought the establishment of her idea.

She has a vision of supporting underprivileged children so that they are given the opportunities to be somebody amongst others in future.

In August 2014 she began using social media to fund-raise for children she identified as needing support in various communities.

Pasoc became a registered Trust in January 2016.
Tariro works close with her Trust and she treats it like a growing baby,running it with unconditional love,she finds herself attending to all day to day tasks in Zimbabwe.
She holds a B(Tech) Honors in International Marketing which was obtained at The University of Technology in Chinhoyi.

Tariro has her Entrepreneur skills in action as she runs a small business in her town.

Nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it and dedication is the main ingredient.

Tariro AYBP cheers you all the way,as you make a difference in children's lives you are also making a change to Africa.The world needs people like you.
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