Thursday, 10 May 2018

Be Wise

Your birth isn't recognized until government says you're born (Birth certificate )

You're not educated until Government certifies that you're (School Certificates)

You can't run a viable business without government's approval (Certificate of Incorporation)

Your marriage is not authentic until government acknowledges that you're married (Marriage Certificate)

You can't claim lawful ownership of land and property until the government confirms it belong to you (Title Deeds)

You're an offender driving your own car unless  the government grants you authority to do so (License and Registration)

You're a thief and criminal if you make money in your business and fail to give some percentage to government (Taxes)

You're not dead unless the government says you are dead (Death Certificate)

Government controls major aspects of your life, yet someone tells you not to be part of the process that determines those who get into government.,that person is wicked.

You better be wise and do the needful.

Time to take charge make decisions on who represents you in Government.

Be a part of the process. Be a part of your  Government.
Total together 🔄

African Youth on The Rise
Tyrone Havnar

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Africans in The 21st century

You are black,but what does that mean?
Is it just the color that binds your seams
Are you bound to the history of the slaves?
Are you living the life that the ancestors
dreamed to save?

Rallies and fighting for
rights is turning into mollies and twerking,

What does it mean to be black in the 21st century?
To the average person,it might not mean a single thing?
In the days of old,the sun rose and fell on man's backs,

He worked to near death ,just because his color was black,
Now the sun rises before we rise from our beds,
Nothing within but ambition and less dreams in our heads,
The word Nigga used to be a word to explain ignorance,

Now it's used as just a word of endearment,
Wasup my nigga,howsit my nigga.

Our neighbors call us makwerekwere in the foreign lands,but however we are all blacks.
Afraid of lifting your own kind,because he might do better than you.
Are we bound for doom?
Can we not live in peace?

But again how far have we come to have fallen this much.

Seems we have lost sight of our ancestors scars,and what they fought for.
The slavery history that we share as blacks is long fogoten.
Are we not one afterall.

The most divided out of all human races,blacks.

What has Africa come to be?
I am scared to even hug my brother,
Crime against another,brother against brother,But Why?
Fatherless children being raised by their teenage mothers,

Children hurting and living on the streets,
You hear them cry
No care in the world
People dying

Getting high just to pass the day,
As we turn a blind eye
Can't form a sentence,no words to say,
No education,
Now what kind of black is that?
Is it in the history worn as our hats?

The blood of innocent citizens spilled,just because we kill each other over senseless issues, but why?
We have lost sight of who we are,
It is us who act vile,
Started from the bottom indeed we have but you are still there,
Reach for the change that is in the air,

We need to rise and reclaim our pride as blacks.
Our freedom
Our lives

And make them proud,those that came before us and died,
We are enslaved in our own home,but how?,we are,
Slaves to the money
Slave to the sex
Slave to the drugs
When it's really education and progress that we need,

We have to break free from the shackles that we bind ourselves to constantly.
Ignorance the recipe for disaster,

Let us show the world just what we can really do,
An entire legacy that we need to take back,
Let us show the new generation what it truly means to be black,

What it means to be African
Proud and patriotic🇿🇼

Tyrone Havnar

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

An eye for an eye makes the world blind

We have seen an increase in violence in our communities perpetrated by political parties,must i say supporters who have no ounce of reasoning.

What is becomimg of Africa;when you take off to alianate your own brother simply because of his choice of political interests,what disease is this that is prevailing so much someone's life,peace and freedom is not respected.

Africa is known for ubuntu,and we have been doing it well without any effort because its what makes us Africans.

I have to emphasize that an eye for an eye makes the world blind.
Africans need to build safe communities and usher words of wisdom to our children.

Can we continue hating one another because of a mixture of races,i have experienced this many times and its heartbreaking,racial vernom is a social dynamite and can only be a syndrome of death and destruction.

Habitable societies must be made,love is part of our dna.
Social redemption is needed desperately.

What is war,why does it happen?we have to put an end to war or else war will definatly put a rough end to humanity.
Are we set for destruction?

Why practice ignorance and buffonary?,reconcile as it is our duty to uphold our values as Africans/as Humans.
We work together in search for progress,liberty and peace.

How about we start thinking big and positive and bring a huge change,peace is what we all need.

Safeguard our continent and choose life not death.
Its time to unchain our hearts and build mama Africa.

Africa unite ✊

                                                   This is Africa rising

Tyrone Havnar

Monday, 4 December 2017


Success is not an accident;it is hard work,perseverance,learning,sacrifice and most of all,Love for what you are doing.
I personally never lost belief in myself,but I was totally afraid of failure but I knew what I wanted to do.
I have learnt a few principles that i base my life on,the biggest of them is very simple;if you keep moving and never give up then you will always arrive were you want to be.This is a fact,success is a choice and verily happiness is a choice.

I assure you that there is no magical reason why I'm where I'm and there is absolutely no reason why you can't be where you want to be in life.
If it can happen for me,it can happen for you too.This is how I approach success always;even if it takes time,remember to push and you will reach the top.

Believing that something wonderful is about to happen has taught me that pretending to be average will limit me in many ways.
Big things are in store and can be achieved.

If you want to move a mountain,begin by carrying away small stones.
Relate to this in your life.
Every little thing you do everyday adds up to something big.

Take little steps everyday towards your big goal.
Do small things in great ways,if opportunity doesn't knock,then build a door.
Have desire and you will achieve.

Never be afraid of storms in your life Just learn to sail your ship,so wherever you go and nomatter the weather always bring your own sunshine.
Never quit because that only lasts forever.
Be determined,your dream is not too small,work on it.
Be a hero and a great African leader.
Good leaders are trailblazer,they make a path for others to follow.
Inspire people around you,dream bigger and achieve greater.

Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

African Youth Against Slavery

After a video footage surfaced of slave auctions outside Tripoli,it sent chills and shock waves across the world.

Many civic Groups in Africa including AJAP and IROMHA expressed their shock and immediate call to the affected countries and those with citizens bringing this terrying inhuman act,to vehemently constigate this action and put in place emergency measures which are strict and respect human life.

How can a person be sold like an animal on an open market and we stand and watch,this is shocking to be seen in this civilised century.

Our brothers and sisters are in bondage and need us to send a voice and action to help them out.

I personally believe in solving issues in a peaceful manner and apprehending those responsible and implementing effective solutions with governing bodies to educate the people on the destruction that such acts bring to Africa.

What has happened my dear brother to treat another like a useless commodity.
What is going on in our hearts to have no love and no mercy towards our own brother?
Is it because of skin colour,social status or is it us becoming worse than an untamed creature?

Iam expressing this on behalf of my African brothers and sisters,what have we come to be,where did we bury UBUNTU?

It is with great distaste  and disaster to learn of these events in Lybia.
When President Lincoln spearheaded the abolishment of the slave trade Act in the 1860's,it was from his understanding that all human beings are created equaly regardless of color.
Why have we turned a deaf ear to this teaching?

To those causing this unimaginable act of brutality I urge you to come clean and learn to protect your fellow brother and sister regardless of color or origin.We are ONE AND THAT STANDs forever.

This is shameful and the culprits are fellow Africans who as the rest of African inhabitants share slavery history perpetrated by the old western world of the 1700s.
Why have we brought the old pains to this century,why are we bleeding wounds that have since healed?

I call upon the region iam hailing from and that of the SADC to constigate this and educate the masses on this issue in a peaceful manner and bring our Brothers and Sisters home.

Heal the world,make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.
Have a heart,lets exercise care.
We are Africa,We are the World.



Sunday, 26 November 2017


There is one thing that can never
seperate us,

We are Africans,regardless of your nation, tribe,religion,race or social class.

Our mother Africa gave us one favour,to live as brothers and sisters: Africanization.

It gives me a smile whenever i see young man and women doing something  for sustainability of Africa.

The day each young African will know that s/he wasnt born in Africa by chance but Africa herself was born in him/her therefore I can bet that it will be the beginning of civilization,continental shift in all spheres of life,economically, socially and Politically.

I have a sight,a dream for my Africa.

A day when young men and women will move from Burkina Faso to Mali,Senegal,Chad to Egypt,down to Somaliland through homeland Kenya,down to the land of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere,Tanzania,Zimbabwe to Namibia down to the great land of the late father of the world His Excellency Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and demonstrate social justice,the philosophy of peace,love,unity and good governance.
It will be dawn day for Africa's democracy, civilization, real independence.

I look forward to the day when Ghanians,Nigerians, Egyptians will be able to fly from their homeland to Kenya,Angola,Seychelles without a Visa.
Africa with common currency.

Africa's economy will show light of hope,affordable labor,one voice,one language,love,unity and that is the day Africa will claim one Nation.

I look forward to African nations that will be led by 30 year old's, 60% will be governed by Youth with one mind and one goal,to see Africa through.

Africa united as one,will be a place were fear is non existent.

Let's wake up and raise our voice rather than running away from these challenges only to be humiliated in the embassies of 3rd world countries.
We are a generation of say and do.

Let's fold our sleeves my brothers and sisters and with this the generation to come will be in peace and that's our victory and joy.

A new Africa where feuds and misunderstandings are solved and rectified peacefully.

                                                            This is Africa Rising

Endorsed by Evans Mutavi
Ajap kenya

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Matching yourself with a career

What is a Career

○The progress and actions taken by a person throughout a lifetime,especially those related to that person's occupations.
-A career is often composed of the jobs held,titles earned and work accomplished over a long period of time,rather than just referring  to one position.
-while employees  in some culture and economics stay with one job during their career,there is an increasing trend to employees changing jobs more frequently eg an individuals career work for several different firms and in several different areas of law over a lifetime.
Lets use career in a sentence 

Nowadays it is getting seemingly harder for the average person to obtain a job and start a career in that business.
Notes to reflect on

○When you are young,you may know exakly what you want to do when you grow up,but as you grow you may not be sure,the older you get,the more you discover that choosing a career is a complex,multistep process.
The way forward is discovering and learning about yourself and occupations you are considering so that you can make informed decisions.
○Therefore accessing your interests,work preference,abilities and recognising your strengths help you find a suitable career direction-one that could lead to your dream job.
                                                  This is Africa Rising